OWN IT!, the Organizers' Warning Notification and Information for Tenants, is an interactive mapping and notification toolkit that identifies properties at risk of displacement throughout Los Angeles County, making it easier for tenants and community organizations to take steps to address these pressures.

Stopping displacement of our neighborhoods

Tenants need more time to anticipate displacement.

Empowering tenants and housing justice advocacy

Communities need to see trends and opportunities for action.

Expanding the use of community ownership strategies

Neighbors need to see a path to ownership


Transform difficult-to-access data into visually beautiful and compelling maps and interactive data that is accessible to anyone with a phone

Rent Control Finder

Helping tenants and organizers identify whose homes are covered under the new rent control ordinance unincorporated areas of LA County

For legal assistance regarding housing matters the Los Angeles City Housing and Community Investment Department provides a PDF of organizations in Spanish and English to assist you.
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Data Source / Disclaimer: Data from LA County Assessor Parcels Data, LA County Dept of Public Health, City of Los Angeles. There may be inaccuracies.